How To Keep Security Compliance In Transitional Networks

July 15, 11AM EST

In this virtual case study, please join Garland Technology and Flowmon Networks in a discussion regarding:

  • Where to make monitoring adjustments in a complex network
  • How to secure data traffic to multiple branches, VPN Licenses, and home to public wifi
  • How to gain full traffic visibility while keeping network uptime and strong user experience
  • Challenges in the current climate that present constant network changes

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As companies begin going back to the office, adjustments to keep security compliance are required to accommodate transitional network environments. The utilization of distributed network topology or multi-location communication leads to an increase in data delays and security breaches, ultimately driving revenue loss, diminished user-experience, and reputation in customer satisfaction. Knowing what’s happening in the network can mitigate security issues that arise, but how can users instantly locate the root cause of the network problems in these complex environments?


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