Enhance and Automate Your Cybersecurity Operations

December 10, 3PM GMT+2
  • Lubos Lunter, Product Manager
  • John Adams, Channel Solutions Engineer, Keysight

Watch Keysight and Flowmon present a cybersecurity solution reaching into the layer one transmission and utilizing behavior analysis to identify a hacker’s fingerprint. Keysight will give a high level explanation on how to build an efficient visibility architecture utilizing Taps and Network Packet Brokers. Keysight will then provide an introduction to Threat simulator, a breach and attack simulation platform, which will be used in the demonstration to provide realistic attack traffic to the Flowmon.

Flowmon will give a brief over their cybersecurity solution and key points for consideration on network security solutions. The demonstration will cover: How Threat Simulator automates cybersecurity validation with kill chain based attacks, Taps feeding a Network Packet Broker to provide data to the Flowmon, and a demonstration of Flowmon data collection and analysis with the Anomaly Detection System.

In cooperation with Adaptera Keysight

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